Blue Collar PMO™

A Practical Approach to Project Portfolio

Does this sound familiar?  Your company is moving quickly to adjust to changing market conditions, tougher competition, economic and/or regulatory pressures or all of the above.  You have many initiatives you need to implement in order to respond.  You have limited resources and tight time frames.  You also need to keep your normal operations up and running.  If you find yourself in this situation, you are not alone.

Blue Collar PMO™ is a practical approach to project portfolio management and is about the executive team rolling up their sleeves, working together, engaging in healthy debate and determining the most critical initiatives on which to focus our teams.  To be successful, we must make sure that we look beyond our silos of responsibility and make decisions that further the goals of the collective organization.

There are four main cornerstones of this process:

  • Inventory:  The list of initiatives that are important to the business is assembled
  • Prioritize:  Priority governs the list of initiatives, as well as if and in what order      the company chooses to allocate its resources
  • Assess:  The assessment will include and determine the resource impact of a given initiative as well as propose approaches to deliver the necessary results
  • Source & Schedule:  Sourcing defines how we secure and allocate resources, while scheduling determines when we allocate those resources based on planned availability.



By focusing on these important areas, you will be able to attain a more efficient use of your key resources, readily adapt to changing requirements and priorities, and improve the business value realized from your project portfolio.

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